Elder Care: Should Your Dad Still Live Alone?

Elder Care: Your dad lives alone, and you’ve started to wonder if this is still the best idea.

How do you know when your dad isn’t safe living on his own? It’s time to sit down as a family and have an open conversation about your dad’s goals and what you know he needs help completing. Having an elder care services provider on hand can help ease the conversation.


Elder Care in Broomall PA: Aging in Place

Elder Care in Broomall PA: Aging in Place


Ask Your Family These Questions

Before you hire in-home care aides, talk to the rest of the family about the things they’ve seen. What do they feel about having caregivers helping out if your dad ages in place? They may want to help out as much as they can. These are the questions to discuss.

1. What Have You Seen Your Dad Struggle With? – Create a list of the things you’ve seen your dad give up completing because it was too difficult. He went to the basement to do laundry but carrying the basket of clean clothing led to a fall. He shouldn’t risk his safety.

2. Does Anyone Have the Time to Assist Him? – If your dad needs help with tasks like laundry, bedding changeovers, meal preparation, and transportation, who is free to help him. He may not be able to wait until the weekend when people aren’t working.

3. What Are His Goals While Aging? – Does your dad intend to age in place, or has he talked about downsizing? Maybe he’d like to move to be closer to his brothers and sisters? He might want to stay in his home but needs a little help to ensure he’s safe and has ample opportunities to socialize.

4. Does He Have Health Issues? – How is your dad’s health? Does he have any chronic health conditions that require him to take daily medications, eat a special diet, or limit his ability to walk around or drive a car?

5. Is He Social? – Does your dad still have a vibrant social circle? Social activities help lower the risk of some chronic conditions and improve mental and emotional health. If your dad is lonely or isolated, it can impact his well-being. He needs ample opportunities to socialize.

What’s Next?

When your family decides to hire caregivers to help your dad, make sure you arrange the right services. Be honest with the things you’ve noticed your dad can and cannot do. You might not see him driving, but your brother does. Get input from the rest of the family.

Even if your dad seems okay on his own, don’t overlook his need for companionship. He’ll benefit from regular visits from caregivers, especially if you’re the only one visiting him.

Talk to an expert in in-home care about your dad’s health issues, habits, and areas you feel he needs help with. The specialist can go over services and prices and help arrange the best in-home care services for his needs.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Elder Care in Broomall, PA, please contact the friendly staff at Suma Home Care. (484) 206-4544

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