Elder Care: How Best to Communicate With a Senior Who Has Dementia

Elder care can help a senior with dementia with everyday life, but they can also help a family cope with the loved one’s disease.

A big part of elder care is developing a care plan and keeping the family involved. This is a disease that will affect the senior and the ones closest to the senior. Learning to communicate with a senior with dementia can be difficult and challenging. Some family members may not understand or get frustrated, but it is crucial to maintain a level-head.


Caregiver in Bala Cynwyd PA: Dementia

Caregiver in Bala Cynwyd PA: Dementia


An elder care associate will help you understand the disease, the progression, and what stage your loved one is in. Based on this information, they will also help you handle your emotions and teach you how best to talk to someone with dementia. Communicating may seem like it is an easy task, but the more the disease progresses, the harder it can be to communicate with your loved one.

When a person has dementia, not all behaviors will make sense, and some of them can be frustrating for you to understand. This is a progressive brain disorder that can make things confusing for a senior who struggles with dementia. In severe cases, a senior’s personality may even change, which can be confusing for a family to deal with.

Tips for Communicating to Seniors with Dementia

The better you can communicate to a senior with dementia, the easier it will be to handle negative behavior. These behaviors may seem startling at first, but it will be important to communicate effectively to a senior during these times. Elder care will help with any outbursts, but it will be important to understand how to de-escalate the situation and help soothe a senior.

Think Positive

Even people with dementia can read body language easier than you think. If you come in with a happy and positive attitude, things will go much easier. Use a happy facial expression, a light tone, and keep it up during the full conversation.

Simple Words

Keeping the message straightforward is one of the best ways to ensure things don’t get confused. Using big words may be too confusing, or using words they don’t remember can lead to agitation. Ask simple questions and use visual representations to help the connections.

Be Patient

A senior may not remember what they want to say or forget things in the middle of what they are saying. It is important to keep calm and comfort them. Encourage them to try again but do not pressure them. Listen with your eyes and open heart.

Elder Care: Have a Good Sense of Humor

Even if someone cannot remember you, most seniors will still have social skills. Find funny jokes that both of you can laugh along to, and always keep a good sense of humor when it gets hard.

There will be times it will be harder for you to communicate with your loved one, but that is when elder care assistance can come in handy. They will help you fill in the gaps and direct the situation back to safe ground.



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