How Home Care Providers Help Seniors with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a form of seasonal depression that comes on during the winter months and cycles around every year.
Elderly adults with SAD are more likely to experience symptoms of this depression due to lifestyle changes and chronic health conditions that make it harder to keep it at bay.

Family caregivers with an elderly relative that has been diagnosed with SAD must work closely with the doctor to implement changes in the senior’s daily life. Hiring a home care provider to assist the elderly adult in recovering from SAD is an excellent idea and can help bring in better days during the winter months.


Elder Care in Chadds Ford PA: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Elder Care in Chadds Ford PA: Seasonal Affective Disorder


Here are just a few of the ways that a home care provider can play a key role in helping an elderly adult comply with a doctor’s recommendations for treating SAD:


Exposure to Natural Light

When seniors depend on a family caregiver, they are usually struggling with mobility issues. This can make it difficult to get regular exposure to natural light. A home care provider can assist seniors on short walks, weather permitting. They can also spend some time on a patio or porch to catch some winter sun. Even sitting in front of a south- or west-facing window daily can help. Home care providers can also take elderly adults for a car ride to get them out and about, enjoying the natural light without too much exertion.


Work with Light Boxes

Many doctors recommend that those elderly adults with SAD use light boxes. These medical devices house light bulbs that mimic natural light, triggering the proper chemical reactions in the body. Home care providers can set up the light boxes and monitor the time the elderly person spends near them. Living alone, it might be difficult for an elderly person to do this important activity regularly.


Implement Healthy Habits

For SAD as well as clinical depression, a healthy lifestyle is a key part of recovery. Nutritious meals, regular exercise, deep sleep and eliminating bad habits like smoking and drinking can make all the difference in how someone recovers from SAD. Home care providers can implement these healthy habits, providing encouragement and motivation to aging adults.


Stay Engaged and Stress-Free

It can be difficult to stay busy during winter months when snow and ice keep everyone indoors. However, a home care provider is the perfect way for seniors to socialize and fill their days with activities. Not only are home care providers able to take care of an elderly person’s physical needs and take care of their home, but they can also be a good companion when the senior would otherwise be alone. Many elderly adults and their home care providers develop a routine that is full of activities and outings.


If an elderly adult truly struggles with serious seasonal depression, family caregivers should contact a doctor right away. When it comes to implementing what that doctor recommends, a home care provider can make a big difference in the aging adult’s treatment.


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