National Asparagus Month – Four Interesting Facts About Asparagus

Because asparagus is readily available between late April and early June, National Asparagus Month takes place throughout May. The stalks pop from the ground while the weather starts warming up and the ground thaws during this warmer spring month.


Elder Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: National Asparagus Month

Elder Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: National Asparagus Month


It’s a versatile vegetable that’s often overlooked due. Here are four interesting facts about asparagus and the reasons your parents should give it a try this year.


Asparagus is Packed With Fiber

Just one cup of steamed asparagus has 4 grams of fiber. Fiber is a key way to prevent constipation. Fiber is also believed to help lower the risk of colorectal cancer. The current recommendation for fiber intake is 30 grams for aging men and 21 grams for women.


There’s A Lot of Potassium in Asparagus

While fiber is a prominent nutrient in asparagus, there’s also a lot of potassium. Potassium is a mineral that acts as an electrolyte and can help keep blood pressure low. It helps you avoid retaining too much water. It’s believed to aid in your bodies nerve function, which includes helping with muscle contractions. As the heart is a muscle, potassium helps the heart.

Adults age 51 or older are urged to consume 2,600 mg (women) or 3,400 mg (men) of potassium each day. One cup of steamed asparagus has 404 mg of potassium. It’s a quick way to get a lot of potassium in one sitting.


Asparagus Helps With Brain Health

If your parents are worried about their cognitive function, asparagus may help. The vegetable is high in folate. Folate and vitamin B12 are believed to help aid cognitive health. A Tufts University research project found that people who were getting enough vitamin B12 and folate had higher response speeds on tests.


Asparagus Gets a Bad Rap

Some people avoid asparagus for one reason. It does make lend a foul odor to urine. It’s due to the asparagusic acid found in asparagus. As your body breaks down the nutrients in asparagus that asparagusic acid converts to different forms of sulfur that make the urine smell. That said, not everyone notices this smell. Some have a specific gene mutation that prevents them from noticing the odor.

Asparagus is one of the best vegetables to eat. It’s low in calories and high in nutrients. If your parents don’t like to cook or struggle with the various steps needed to cook healthy dinners, turn to elderly care aides. You can hire them to cook meals, take your parents grocery shopping, and help with proper food storage. Learn more about these and other benefits of elderly care aides by calling an agency.


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