How to Help a Senior Living with Chronic Pain

A vast percentage of older Americans live with chronic pain on a daily basis. If your senior is part of that number, then you likely already know how difficult it can be for her on a bad day.


Elder Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: Living with Chronic Pain

Elder Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: Living with Chronic Pain


Talk to Her Doctor about Her Care Plan

It’s important that you and your senior both understand her care plan for chronic pain. Talk with your elderly family member’s doctor about what remedies are available to her and what therapies might help. For instance, physical therapy might offer her ways to stretch or to move her body that help to alleviate pain. Also, if your elderly family member has been determined not to take medications, understanding her full care plan can help you to know when and why medications may be her best option.


Learn to Recognize Signs of Pain

People who live with chronic pain know that it can be upsetting for the people who care about them to know that they’re in pain. Because of that, your senior may not always let you know when she’s in pain. It can help for you to learn to recognize the nonverbal signs of pain, such as a grimace, or tears. Or maybe your senior has a difficult time even getting out of bed when the pain is too much. When you understand your senior’s signs of increased pain, you can help her to use the tools in her care plan.


Make Sure You Know When it’s an Emergency

Part of your senior’s care plan should be information about when her pain is an emergency. Your senior’s doctor can give you details that are applicable to her unique situation. In general, if your elderly family member experiences pain that is new and severe, that’s possibly an emergency. If she’s unable to move or talk, that can also be an emergency. When in doubt, it’s always better to get help.


Develop a Plan for Helping Your Senior to Cope

When someone lives with chronic pain, it takes a lot out of them. Finding ways to compensate can help. That might mean that your senior conserves her energy on days when she’s feeling good so that she hopefully has fewer bad days. Elderly care providers can help your elderly family member to do this by handling some of her daily tasks for her or assisting with them.
There’s no one right way to handle chronic pain because there are so many different causes and levels of pain. Be there for your elderly family member to offer support however you can.


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