Elder Care: 5 Ways to Boost Your Senior’s Heart Health

Elder Care: Is your senior concerned about her heart health?

If so, there are some things that you and she can do together as a team that can help her to keep her heart as healthy as possible. Having elder care on hand can be a huge help as well. Here are a few ideas that you can try.



Elder Care in Media PA: Heart HealthElder Care in Media PA: Heart Health

Elder Care in Media PA: Heart Health

Have Her Heart Health Assessed by Her Doctor

Talk to your senior’s doctor about what her heart disease risk factors are. If she’s got a family history of heart disease, for instance, she may need to take different steps than you might realize. There could be other risk factors, too, that need to be taken into consideration.

Look at Dietary Adjustments that Might Help

One of the changes her doctor might recommend could involve her diet. If your elderly family member eats a lot of processed foods, that might not be the best option for her. But changing her diet can feel too big, too. Personal care at home can assist with preparing meals and making sure your senior is eating healthy meals regularly.

Consider Easy Ways to Build Exercise into Her Day

If her doctor agrees that exercise is safe for her senior to do regularly, then adding exercise to your senior’s daily routine can do so much for her heart health. Consider ways to easily add exercises that your elderly family member loves so that she can stick with it. Caregivers who can be there and ensure that she’s safe is an added safety feature.

Elder Care: Work on Stress Management Techniques

Stress takes a toll on your senior’s health, even if she doesn’t realize that she’s managing a lot of stress. Find ways to manage your elderly family member’s stress appropriately. That might involve learning meditation or simply making sure that she’s getting plenty of quality sleep. Personal care at home can also be a stress reliever for your elderly family member.

Elder Care:  Stick with Her Doctor’s Care Plan

The most important part is to help your senior to stick with the care plan outlined by her doctor. Following those directives can help her to avoid serious heart issues, which is crucial. Even if she’s at greater risk of heart disease due to hereditary factors, she can still help to reduce their impact. An elder care provider can help as well.
Keeping your senior’s heart as healthy as possible might just be easier than you or she believes. The key is to consistently do the things that are proven to have the best results.


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