Eight Big Signs Your Senior Could Use More Help

Senior Home Care in Haverford

Senior Home Care in Haverford

At some stage, your elderly family member may need just a little help to keep living her life on her own terms. Spotting the signs early helps you put that help in place.

Your Senior’s Home Is Cluttered or Dirty

This is an especially telling detail if your elderly family member has always kept her home neat and tidy. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with that. However, if her health has changed, it can be much more difficult to stay on top of household chores. Senior home care providers can help a lot, which also keeps your senior safer at home.

She’s Got a Lot of Unopened Mail

If you’re able to visit your senior, another thing to watch out for is unopened mail. When this starts to pile up, it can be a sign. Perhaps your elderly family member either avoids her mail or doesn’t have the energy to deal with it herself. This could also be a sign that your senior is experiencing memory issues.

Her Yard Isn’t Looking the Same

Maybe your elderly family member has everything inside her home under control. However, the yard isn’t looking the way it usually does. There could be a few reasons, including your elderly family member experiencing declining physical abilities or no longer having the mental energy to manage lawn care through someone else.

The Fridge and Pantry Are Bare

Another big sign that your senior may be experiencing some trouble is often the pantry and the fridge. If she’s having a tough time getting food into the house, she may need help from senior home care providers to not only handle shopping, but also to assist with meal preparation. It’s vital that your senior has healthy foods to eat consistently.

She’s Got Injuries from Falls

If you’re noticing that your elderly family member is clumsier than usual, that could be due to actual falls or near misses. These are incredibly dangerous for your senior and can be big problems. Talk with her doctor about whether there are underlying medical causes for falls.

You’re Seeing Signs of Memory Issues

Are you noticing other things that cause you to wonder if your senior has memory issues? She may forget to take medications, for instance. Or maybe she’s missing appointments that you know are important. Having senior home care providers with her can help your elderly family member stay on target with her daily routines.

Your Senior Has Experienced Weight Changes

Unexplained weight changes in either direction can be a sign that your senior needs more help. There could be a medical issue, or the situation can be related to meal preparation and how difficult that is for your senior. This is another area where senior home care can help your elderly family member return to a happy medium.

She Looks Like Hygiene Is Taking a Back Seat

If your elderly family member is having trouble bathing or changing clothes, she may need extra help with personal care tasks. Senior home care providers can help without causing your senior to feel embarrassed or singled out. This allows her to save her energy for necessary activities.

The help that your elderly family member needs can vary depending on how she’s feeling, too. Senior home care services allow your senior’s needs to dictate what help they provide.

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