Celebrate Halloween with Your Whole Family

Companion Care at Home Broomall

Companion Care at Home Broomall

Halloween falls on a Monday this year. Have you considered bringing your kids to your dad’s house for trick-or-treating? It’s common for older adults who live alone to feel lonely from time to time. A surprise dinner and family gathering on Halloween night is a great way to support him.

Invite Those He Is Closest To

Your dad may not be comfortable with large gatherings, especially if he is isolated or has dementia. Ask him who he wants to see, and use that as guidance for knowing who to invite. Keep the gathering to a few hours, so that you don’t interrupt too much of his nighttime routine.

Bring Dishes to Avoid Having to Cook

Make sure those coming for Halloween bring a dish. If everyone contributes to the meal, you wouldn’t have to cook a large meal at your dad’s house, which makes cleanup easier.

You could also bring compostable or recyclable plates and cutlery for faster cleanup. Your dad won’t have to worry about cleaning up a messy kitchen after everyone leaves. Make sure everything is picked up and put away before the last person leaves for the night.

Safety Tips to Allow Your Dad to Walk With Your Kids

Your dad wants to walk with the kids while they trick-or-treat. Ensure everyone is visible by dressing them appropriately. LED lighting that flashes helps. Carry flashlights, wear light-colored clothing, and stay as far off the road as possible.

If your dad doesn’t do well on uneven terrain or while stepping up a curb, make sure he has someone helping him. Walking with a cane or walking stick, especially one that glows in the dark or lights up, is also a good idea.

Tips for Protecting His Home From Messy Pranks

Halloween is a time when kids can pull pranks that are harmless to most, but your dad may not be able to clean up easily. Make sure he has someone stopping by to check on his house. If he has cameras and you can figure out who did it, talk to their parents. They may not realize and will volunteer their kids for the cleanup.

If your dad’s home looks like no one is there, it can attract Halloween pranks. Have lights on timers, play music that’s audible to people going by, try to have cars in the driveway that aren’t often there. If someone can spend the night, that also helps.

When you can’t visit, is your dad alone for too many days? Does anyone check on him? Hire companion care at home services to ensure that he has others checking in, helping him run errands, and making sure he eats well. To get started, call a companion care at home specialist.

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