Cooking Safety Tips as Your Dad Ages

Companion Care at Home Glenolden

Companion Care at Home Glenolden

Each year, half of the nation’s house fires are the direct result of cooking foods. Of those fires, injuries are reported in 44%, and 61% start at the oven or stove. What happens? It’s often an unattended appliance, and many occur when the person cooking a meal falls asleep, and people over 55 are more likely to have caused the fire.

As your dad gets older, kitchen safety must be a priority. Make sure he’s following these safety tips.

Install Smoke Detectors Near the Kitchen

Make sure there are smoke and heat detectors near the kitchen. It can be an annoyance if you burn toast in the toaster, as can happen. But, it’s better to have the alarm go off and push the “Hush” button than not be alerted at all.

Invest in Smart Appliances

There are ovens that shut off automatically if no movement has occurred in a certain amount of time. Surely, these can be helpful in fire prevention. You might want to install shut-offs that limit access to the appliance. If your dad can’t turn on the stove without your supervision, it’s safer.

He Needs to Watch What He’s Cooking

While cooking a meal, he needs to keep checking it. If he’s likely to fall asleep shortly after turning on a burner, a slow cooker is a smart investment. Ideally, get a slow cooker with timers that turn the pot off or switch to warm automatically after a set number of hours.

Follow Food Safety Tips

Your dad shouldn’t be thawing his meat on the counter. In a word, it’s too risky. If he needs to thaw meat quickly, it must be remembered that running it under cold water or defrosting it in the microwave is best.

Leftovers should be moved to the refrigerator or freezer within two hours. Don’t let them sit on the counter for hours. Moreover, if flies have gotten onto anything, compost it. Don’t hope for the best.

After grocery shopping, perishables need to go into the refrigerator as soon as possible. If your dad forgets the milk on the counter and notices it the next morning, he needs to compost it and recycle or toss out the bottle or carton.

Purchase Cut Resistant Gloves

If your dad is okay cooking, but often cuts himself when the knife slips, buy him a pair of cut resistant gloves. His hands and fingers are protected from injuries that require stitches. Add knives with ergonomic handles to help him hold a knife properly.

Let Someone Else Cook for Him

Should your dad still cook meals on his own? Most importantly, if it’s not as safe as it once was. You should hire companion care at home aides to cook for him. Then he can have caregivers prepare meals and snacks, eat with him, and clean the kitchen after. Learn more by talking to a companion care at home specialist.


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