5 Signs that a Senior Needs Home Care

1. Stress. If seniors start exhibiting signs of stress in their home, it can be a sign that they can no longer handle all of the responsibilities they could once do in their younger years. They may also be experiencing grief or depression and may be in need of a companion if they are alone for much or all of the day or night. Caregivers can be invaluable in these situations as they can not only offer compassionate care and companionship for your loved one, but can be on the watch for changes in behavior or stress of your loved one, and hopefully ease their loneliness as well.


Caregiver in Philadelphia PA: Senior Assistance

Caregiver in Philadelphia PA: Senior Assistance


2. Unkempt home & body: When mobility or cognitive issues become a problem for some seniors, their personal care routine can be the first thing to decline. It becomes difficult to get in and out of the shower or bathtub, and even changing clothes, or keeping up with laundry can be a tricky task for some. More physical tasks such as vacuuming, cleaning, and taking out the trash are often deemed too dangerous or hard for seniors, to keep up with.

Luckily, these are all things that caregivers hired through a home care agency are trained to do!


3. Food or nutrition issues. Keeping up with grocery shopping and meal preparation can be difficult for many elderly people in homecare, who may also have special dietary restrictions or nutrition needs that need to be carefully monitored. Some seniors have difficulty preparing and cooking their own meals, or can’t be left unattended to use the oven, stove, or microwave safely. Others have a list of foods that they can’t have and need to be sure that they are only getting the foods that they can safely consume.

If your loved one is not eating, is eating the wrong foods, or foods that they cannot safely consume, or you are worried about the safety of them performing their own meal preparations, consider hiring home care to safely assist your parent with their nutrition needs.


4. Medication issues. As seniors age, many develop health issues that require the use of medications. Some seniors require life-saving medications that they must be very careful to take on a daily basis, or even more than once a day, such as insulin or heart medication. Others may have several medications that they need to remember to take at specific times, which is a difficult task for many, in home care.

If you are finding that your senior parent or loved one is forgetting to take their medications at the proper time, or mixing them up or losing them, etc, it may be time to get the professional assistance of a caregiver through a home care agency.


5. Falls. As seniors age, mobility can become an issue that many adult children have concerns about. Staying at home can be important for many elderly people, but hazards like floor rugs, thick carpets, uneven flooring surfaces, and stairwells can contribute to dangerous falls that can seriously injure seniors in their own homes.

If your parent or senior loved one has fallen or you believe they are at risk of falling, hiring caregivers with a home care company can offer you peace of mind that someone is with them at all times, helping to keep them safe and to prevent them from dangerous and life-threatening falls.


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