Chores Your Little Ones Can Help With When You’re a Family Caregiver

Today’s family caregivers often balance their own family’s needs with their parents’ care. These caregivers in the sandwich generation can face struggles trying to be there for everyone. Does that sound familiar?


Caregiver in Media PA: Kids Assistance With Caregiving

Caregiver in Media PA: Kids Assistance With Caregiving

On the days you’re at your parents’ home providing care, bring your little ones. There are ways to involve them in the daily routines that make them feel important and helps you get things done.



Put on a movie that your children and parents both love. Disney moves are good in this situation. While they watch the movie, you can get the laundry done, change sheets and towels, and start to prepare a meal. Your parents will benefit from having someone to spend time while you’re busy.

On good days, your child could join your parents while walking the family dog. They could also help your parents in the gardens. They can help pull weeds or harvest crops that are ready.



With taller children, sweeping floors and then mopping them is a good task. They could do the tile floors in a mudroom or use a dust pad mop to remove hair and dust from wood floors.

Older children may be able to run a vacuum. That can be very helpful. With a smaller hand-held vacuum like a Dustbuster, you could have them vacuum the stairs, too.



Dusting low areas is a great task for younger children. With a dust pad, such as Swiffer’s dusters, the dust is trapped. A damp cloth also traps the dust and prevents dust from staying behind. If you have children old enough to polish the furniture with a beeswax spray or similar product, you can have them do that when they’re done the dusting.


Sorting Laundry

Your child may not be able to fold laundry, but he/she can help you sort it. Have them sort it by colors to make it easier to get laundry done. Your son or daughter could also gather laundry in the different rooms and carry it to the basket for you.

If they can fold items, you could have them match socks and fold t-shirts. They might be able to help put clothes in the right drawers or rooms, too.

Caregivers are equally helpful when it comes to caring for your parents. With caregivers helping your family, you’ll be able to take days off to attend school functions, go on vacations, or stay home with a sick child. Call an agency to talk about scheduling and fees.


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