Caregiver Deserts Become a New Concern Across the U.S.

You’ve heard of food deserts. They’re areas where fresh produce is hard to come by. There’s a new concern as more of the nation’s population is reaching retirement age. Caregiver deserts are areas where the number of elderly men and women outnumbers the number of caregivers and wait lists are forming. Is it a concern in your area?


Caregiver in Chadds Ford PA: Caregiver Deserts

Caregiver in Chadds Ford PA: Caregiver Deserts


How Can You Tell if It’s Going to Be an Issue?

Often, you won’t know if there’s going to be a wait until you start searching for care. Even then, there may be plenty of caregivers, but the type of care that’s needed may be the issue. Alzheimer’s care that requires constant monitoring due to a wandering risk may be harder to find, especially if overnight care is needed.

The other problem driving the shortage is that the pay for home care aides is low. Many states and agencies are looking at ways to solve this, but it could take years before any real change is seen. With the median hourly pay for caregiving at a little more than $11 an hour, the wage is not competitive considering the amount of work that’s required. As solutions are found, it will help ease the lower numbers of caregivers.


In 2017, Mercer released a report that looked at areas where there are concerns that there will be shortages in carers within 10 years.

States that are looking concerning include California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s report shows that the need for home care aides will increase by 41 percent in the next decade. It’s one of the fastest growing fields out there. While a high school diploma is usually the only educational requirement, on-the-job training is typically a requirement.

In states like California, plans are to create specialized training programs that offer high school graduates a stipend for caring for a senior with cognitive impairment for 12 months. In return, the new graduate gets a monthly stipend and grant money for college after the year is up.


Plan Ahead

The best way to avoid a gap in care is by arranging home care services as soon as you can. If your dad had a stroke and will need caregivers to help with transportation, meals, and housekeeping, don’t wait until he’s home from the hospital to start making calls. Call as soon as you know and a specialist can discuss pricing and the best services for your parent’s needs.


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