What to do When Your Senior Refuses Help

Being a family caregiver is not an easy job or journey. If you have a senior loved one needing elderly care at home but who refuses to allow you to help, it can add to the challenge and frustration and make the situation more difficult than you know it needs to be.


Caregiver in Ardmore PA: Senior Refusing Help

Caregiver in Ardmore PA: Senior Refusing Help


Whether your loved one is stubborn, has cognitive impairments, or you have a strained relationship that complicates their elderly care routine at home, there are some ways that you can try to ease the situation so that your senior can get the care that they need.



If your senior is being difficult and does not want to allow you to help, try and attempt to make a compromise with them on certain things that need to be done. Bathing and grooming, as well as eating are all things that your senior needs to accomplish each day, but there are ways that you can make small compromises so that your senior is more agreeable to getting things done or accepting help from you.


Get to the root

If your senior is refusing to allow anyone to help them and you aren’t quite sure why, or this behavior isn’t quite normal for them, try getting to the root of why. Are they dealing with sensitive issues that might be causing them embarrassment? Could there be an underlying issue causing them not to care about their health, well-being, or appearance, like depression? Or maybe their behavior changes, if sudden, could be attributed to a mediation they are taking and is something to be discussed with their physician or health care professional.


Find a neutral party

If you have a sibling, family friend, or other neutral party that can help diffuse any tension between you and your senior parent, try bringing them in to help. Does your senior act differently or more agreeable around a certain person? Call in reinforcements to see if they can help.


Take a break

Sometimes, you might just need to take a small break. If there is tension at home with your senior, and you are feeling stressed out, it may be time for a break. Step out to take a breath of fresh air, or see if there is another person that can give you some time off from your elderly care duties for a bit.


Hire professionals

If you think that your senior may be more open to let a non-relative help them with their elderly care, consider hiring the professional services of a home care agency. This will allow you the break that you need, and also ensure that your senior is getting the care that they require.


Let it go

In some instances, when a senior receiving elderly care at home continues to refuse help and is not willing to compromise or change their ways, you may have to come to the realization that there are some things that you won’t be able to force them to do. This is tough, especially when you know that they need to do certain things, but it is not wise to let these things begin to affect your own health and happiness.


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