What Are the Most Popular Elder Care Services?

Elder care is designed to help your parents stay independent in their homes. Most older adults want to age at home. They don’t want to move to a new location or community where they’re having to start over. Elder care provides them with the help they need to remain at home safely and independently.


Caregiver in Ardmore PA: Popular Elder Care Services

Caregiver in Ardmore PA: Popular Elder Care Services


While elder care covers a lot of ground, some services are more popular than others. These are the services that most seniors and their families request when it comes to aging at home.



After retirement, some people find themselves with a smaller circle of friends. Some of your parents may have moved away seeking a warmer climate or to be closer to children and grandchildren. If your parents don’t have as many friends, they may become lonely. Caregivers provide the companionship they’re missing.



Light housekeeping is a popular elder care services. Vacuuming the stairs may be harder. Your parents are uncomfortable carrying a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs. The hose from the central vac may tangle around their feet and increase the risk of a fall. Caregivers can take over the chores like mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting.


Laundry and Linens

Changing sheets and towels may not be as easy for your mom and dad as it used to be. Washing, drying, and folding those bulky items is just as difficult. With elder care aides doing the laundry, your parents don’t have to struggle.

Caregivers can strip sheets, vacuum mattresses, make the bed, and do the laundry. They can wash the towels and hang clean ones, too.


Meal Preparation

It’s common to see seniors not wanting to spend time in the kitchen. They’ve spent decades cooking meals for their family, and it’s harder to scale down cooking habits to prepare meals for one or two people. Joint pain can make prep work seem impossible.

Elder care services cover meal preparation when necessary. A caregiver can prepare and cook meals. After the meal, the caregiver can wash and put away dishes, too.



Vision changes, reaction times, and changing muscle tone and mobility impact how well older adults drive. If your parents have been told to stop driving or don’t feel comfortable behind the wheel, they can have caregivers drive them to stores, medical offices, and other area locations.

Do these sound like they’d help your mom and dad age at home? Call an elder care agency to get started working with caregivers.


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