Caregiver: 4 Easy Ways To Reduce Drafts During The Winter

Caregiver: During the winter drafts can make it very uncomfortable for seniors who are staying at home.

If your senior parent has an older home, drafts might be contributing to a very cold house during the winter and causing high heating bills. Luckily most drafts are pretty easy to get rid of. With the help of a personal caregiver at home, you can eliminate most of the sources of drafts in your senior loved one’s home in an afternoon.


Caregiver in Bala Cynwyd PA: Home Maintenance

Caregiver in Bala Cynwyd PA: Home Maintenance


Use these tips to eliminate drafts and help keep your senior parent comfortable all winter long:

Use Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping tape is a great tool for anyone that has an older home. It’s inexpensive and easy to get and it can instantly stop drafts from leaky windows. Go around the house and use weatherstripping around all the window frames when it starts to get cold. You’ll be amazed at how much warmer the house will feel, and your senior parent will be a lot more comfortable.

Get Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are pieces of plastic or vinyl that screw onto the bottom of doors to close the gap between the door and the floor. They are a very effective way to stop drafts from under the door while also being safe. Door draft blockers, which are cylinders of material filled with beans or battings that are placed along the bottom of a door, are not a good thing to use in a house with seniors. They can be a serious tripping hazard, especially for seniors that use walkers or canes. Use door sweeps which screw onto the door or stay on the door with adhesive so that they won’t become a tripping hazard. Combine a door sweep and weatherstripping around the door frame to build a barrier that drafts can’t get through.

Replace The Front And Back Doors

Over time the front and back doors on the house can warp from weather and use. If the doors are warped they won’t fit tightly and if they don’t fit tightly they can let in drafts. If there are large drafts coming in from the doors or if you notice that the door frame itself is loose or warped the best thing to do is replace the doors. It’s not a cheap fix for drafts but it’s a very effective one that will more than pay for itself with savings on energy costs.

Put Plastic Insulation On The Windows

Do you remember putting plastic insulation on the windows with a hairdryer in the winter? It’s time to do it again. There’s really no better way to seal the windows and make sure that they’re not letting in drafts all winter. Weatherstripping and plastic insulation will seal your senior loved one’s house up tight for the winter and keep them free from drafts.
Once the house is sealed up tight you might want to buy an air purifier for your senior loved one though. The house will get a little dustier than usual when everything is sealed up and an air purifier can help keep the air inside clean and allergen-free all winter. A caregiver can help to set up all of the above or find someone who can do the work for your senior.


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