Benefits of Home Care: The Unexpected Benefits of Caregivers That You’re Overlooking

Benefits of Home Care: Sometimes, family caregivers don’t understand what they’re getting into.

The urge to care for a parent is strong. After all, your parents spent around two decades caring for you. Why wouldn’t you do the same for them?  The benefits of home care can be sometimes misunderstood.

As time passes, you realize it’s so much harder than you were expecting. Your friends want to see you, but you never have time. Your spouse or partner regrets not having more downtime with you. Your kids miss having you around for them more often.

This is why it’s so important to balance being a family caregiver with having professional caregivers. There are more benefits to home care than you might imagine.


One thing that family caregivers often give up is their personal life. If you have a parent with Alzheimer’s, leaving the house for a few hours can be dangerous. Your parent can’t be left alone without the risk of wandering, setting something on fire, or becoming fearful and paranoid.

Caregivers are the perfect way to take a break. You get away, but you’re going out for a few hours without leaving your mom or dad alone. The caregiver is there to keep your parent company, help with meal and snack preparation, and accompany your mom or dad for walks.

A Support Team

Caring for an aging parent can be a lonely, isolating experience if you’re not surrounding yourself with a strong support team. Caregivers are your best support team. They’ve dealt with everything you experience. They know the different chronic health conditions and how they affect a family. They understand the joy you feel one moment and the sorry you feel the next.

Ideally, you want to join a support group for family caregivers. Back that support team up with caregivers who understand your mom or dad’s health and well-being as well as you do. The benefits of home care can help you through the good and bad days.



-Caregivers are more than your parents’ helpers. They become close friends who rely on each other for companionship. Sure, your parents have help with everything from housekeeping chores to daily medication reminders, but they also make friends.

-Companionship is essential for your physical and mental well-being. By arranging regular caregiver visits, your mom and dad have a friend stopping by for chats, card, and board games, and meals or snacks. They don’t have to worry about eating alone or having no one to socialize with.

-Don’t put it off until it’s urgent. Call a home care agency and ask about the benefits of home care services that they offer. You’ll find out more about rates and schedules when you make this call.


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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita