Alzheimer’s Home Care Benefits For Seniors At Night

Sleep disturbances are very common for people with Alzheimer’s. Seniors who are living at home and have Alzheimer’s may get up at night and wander through the house, or even try to leave the house. They may experience nightmares or emotional upset that they don’t know how to express. Often seniors will be fearful or anxious at night. Home Care services providers can be on hand to help the seniors return to bed and keep them safe.


Home Care in Glenolden PA: Senior Care Tips

Home Care in Glenolden PA: Senior Care Tips


Alzheimer’s care at home can provide comfort and keep seniors who have Alzheimer’s safe at home during the night. Overnight care for seniors can also give family members the peace of mind that they need in order to be able to get the rest they need. Some of the benefits of Alzheimer’s home care for seniors at night are:

Help With Medication

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s may need to take medication at night to control their anxiety or to help them sleep. A skilled care provider who has experience with someone who has Alzheimer’s can give medications to your senior loved one or make sure that they get any supplements or sleeping pills that their doctor wants them to have. They can also give your senior parent pain medication or over-the-counter medicines that they might need.

Managing Medical Equipment

If your senior loved one has a CPAP machine or other medical device that they need to use at night a care provider can make sure that your senior loved one is using it and that the machine is in good repair. Family members are usually very relieved to know that someone will be watching out for their senior with Alzheimer’s overnight in case their equipment malfunctions or stops working. T

rained care providers can also make sure that your senior loved one is using the equipment correctly. This is especially important when seniors are using CPAP machines or supplemental oxygen at night. It’s very important that those types of medical devices are worn correctly or else your senior loved one won’t get the help breathing that they need while they are sleeping.

Help Showering Or Bathing

Many seniors that have trouble sleeping find that a hot shower or a soothing hot bath can really help them relax and sleep more easily. But seniors who have Alzheimer’s usually need help when it comes to things like bathing or getting ready for bed. An Alzheimer’s home care specialist can help your senior loved one take a soothing bath or shower, get into warm and comfortable pajamas, and settle into bed comfortably every night.


The biggest benefit of Alzheimer’s home care for seniors at night is safety. When a home care provider is there overnight your senior loved one won’t wander off in the middle of the night or roam through the house either. A trained home care assistance provider will know how to redirect your senior loved ones when they are agitated so that they won’t try to leave the home or do anything that would be dangerous to themselves or others.


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