7 Things You Should Know About Senior Home Care

Benefits: Senior Home Care Bala Cynwyd PA

Benefits: Senior Home Care Bala Cynwyd PA

Senior home care is a group of services designed to keep your dad independent, even if he lives alone and is finding some daily tasks difficult. Here are seven things you should know about home care for the elderly.

Help With Morning Routines

Does your dad have a hard time showering, dressing, and starting his day? If he forgets to take his medications, is unsteady getting in and out of the shower, or can’t decide on the best clothing for the weather, his caregiver can help out.

Managing Appointments and Reminders

His senior home care aide is there to remind your dad when he has an appointment. If he’s getting his haircut at noon, his caregiver will take him and wait until he’s done. If he has an appointment with his dentist in the afternoon, his caregiver can help him brush and floss before he heads out.

Laundry Is Completed

In many homes, the laundry room is in a garage or basement. Going down those stairs is risky if your dad’s balance isn’t the best. A concrete floor isn’t as giving as a carpeted one in a fall. Your dad’s caregiver can do the laundry for him.

Senior Home Care Offers You the Break You Need

Respite care is a service where you can take breaks when you need them. As your dad’s only child, you’re the only one who helps him regularly. You also have a family of your own, a full-time job, and a group of friends you try to fit into your busy schedule.

With respite care, a caregiver stays with your dad while you go out. Take a day off, go out for the evening, or go on a vacation knowing your dad is in great hands. He won’t need you around when he has a trained caregiver to help him, so you can take a few hours, a day, or several days to do things on your own.

He Eats Well

Your dad’s caregivers talk to him about what he wants to eat. They can make sure he has the necessary ingredients, take him shopping if needed, and put things away before they spoil. When it’s time for a meal or snack, his caregiver prepares it for him.

Your dad may not like eating alone. His caregiver can join him at the table and keep him company while he eats. After the meal, his caregiver loads the dishwasher or washes dishes, wipes down the counters and stove, and puts things away.

Caregivers Can Drive Your Dad Around

Your dad’s caregivers can handle the driving. If he’s not supposed to drive or has an injury that makes driving difficult, hire senior home care aides to take him shopping, accompany him to appointments, or get him to a social event on time.

You Can Make Changes

What happens if your dad needs more care than he’s been receiving? He had a caregiver stopping by twice a week. But, he fell in the shower when he was alone and needs someone there every day. Senior home care services are easy to adjust. You can add extra days or remove some if your dad recovers and doesn’t need as much help. Just let the office know and his care plan is adjusted as needed.

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