4 Personal Care at Home Items for Seniors in Warm Weather

Summer Tips: Personal Care at Home Philadelphia PA

Summer Tips: Personal Care at Home Philadelphia PA

The warm spring and summer months can present some unique challenges when it comes to personal care at home for seniors. Seniors have very delicate skin that requires some special care. And seniors may be more prone to body odor or noticeable incontinence odor when the weather is warm which can make them self-conscious. And when seniors feel self-conscious they are less likely to leave the house to do things like run errands, socialize, exercise, or spend time with their family members.

There are also things that seniors can do to make sure that they are looking and smelling their best even when the weather is warm. With personal care at home, seniors can start their hygiene routine with a shower or a thorough wash up. Then they can use these products to make sure they are smell great all day long.

Anti Chafing Gel Powder

Seniors tend to have a lot of skin folds, even if they are not overweight. And the heat and moisture in those folds can cause painful chafing and bacteria growth. There can also be odor. Seniors should apply some silky anti-chafing gel anywhere that they get skin friction to protect the delicate skin and fight odor. The gel dries to a light powdery finish that will keep the skin dry and prevent rubbing and chafing. This is best applied directly after a shower when the skin is fully dry.

Bacteria Fighting Deodorant

There is a special kind of bacteria killing deodorant that is a cream rather than a typical solid stick type of deodorant. This cream deodorant is easy to apply and can be used anywhere on the body.

So it can be used in skin folds, under women’s breasts, in private areas, in armpits, and anywhere else that bacteria growth can cause odor. Since the heat and humidity in the summer can cause bacterial growth and lead to odor this deodorant is a must-have for seniors in the warmer months. One application can last up to three days so it doesn’t need to be applied all the time.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can help seniors avoid getting oily and stinky hair when the temperatures soar and they sweat all day. A few sprays of dry shampoo at the roots of the hair will absorb oil, sweat, and dirt and make seniors look like they just came from a visit to their stylist. Dry shampoo can also make it easier for seniors who need to wait for personal care at home to shower safely. The use of dry shampoo can keep them looking and smelling good until they can get a shower and wash their hair.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are something that everyone should keep close at hand during the summer. They are a gentle way to cleanse and refresh any part of the body, especially the parts that get really sweaty in the heat. Seniors should keep some at home in the bathroom and a travel pack in their purse or pocket when they go out.

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