Through both our non-medical assessments and our nursing assessments, we are able to determine each patient’s level of health, range of needs, and what they require from their skilled nursing program. This way, we can better serve them through our geriatric physical therapy programs, whether they are suffering from a chronic disease such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, or they need help recovering from a surgery.

Our Montgomery County Physical Therapists

Our physiotherapists’ goal is to restore movement, increase function, and enable our clients to live more independent lifestyles, with the dignity they deserve. As with all of our services, our physical therapy program will begin with a thorough assessment, in which one of our qualified nurses work with the patient to determine their needs and individual concerns. We always keep our discussions open and honest, so our clients understand that we genuinely care about them, their health, and their quality of life.

After we finish the assessments, our experts review any subsidization options and develop a custom-tailored care plan that will address the patient’s specific needs. Our physical therapy care plans are outcome-based, and we constantly reassess the patient’s progress and readjust the plan to ensure that we are always providing the most effective care possible.

Our aging patients require more from their physical therapists. We understand their need, and all of our certified specialists are highly trained to address the delicacy of every patient without compromising results. Contact us today to learn more about our geriatric physical therapy programs in Pennsylvania, and give yourself or your loved one the kind of care they deserve.