1. Homecare in Broomall PA: Cranky Senior Tips

    What Can You Do to Make Communicating with a Cranky Senior Easier?

    Helping someone who is in a terrible mood is not easy to do at all. In fact, you might start to wonder just why you signed up for this care-giving thing to begin with.   -Establish Eye Contact Make sure that you've got good eye contact with your senior, no matter how cranky she is. She may actually try to avoid eye contact with you. For some people, it's easier to be mean to you or to say me…Read More

  2. Elder Care in Media PA: Stress Awareness Month

    April is Stress Awareness Month

    People experience stress at all phases of life, but many family caregivers fail to realize that their elderly adults may be suffering, too. While the stress triggers of raising a young family or starting a career are no longer factors in senior stress, new challenges arise, such as declining health and the loss of a spouse. Other common contributors of senior stress include being alone, needing he…Read More

  3. Homecare in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Care for Late Stage Alzheimer's

    How Can Elder Care Help During the Late Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease?

    The last stage of Alzheimer's disease is the end of a long and challenging journey for your aging parent and for you as their family caregiver. This is the culmination of the changes that they have experienced and will eventually end in their end-of-life transition. During this stage, your parent will be wholly unable to take care of themselves and will likely lose physical functioning as well as …Read More

  4. Senior Care in Ardmore PA: Seniors Leaving the Hospital

    Questions You Should Ask Before Your Parent is Discharged from the Emergency Room

    Many elderly adults end up needing medical attention at the emergency room each year. Falls, other accidents, injuries, illnesses, and infections can all result in the urgent need for medical care, and when this happens, it is important that they not only get the medical care that they need, but that they continue the benefits of this care after discharge. Seniors are at high risk of hospital read…Read More

  5. Home Care Services in Broomall PA: Senior Insomnia

    Is Your Senior Battling Insomnia?

    Insomnia can be incredibly frustrating, especially if your senior has never had problems sleeping before. Once you recognize that insomnia is what she's dealing with, you can start to formulate a plan to kick it to the curb.   Problems at Night Are Common The most common symptoms of insomnia tend to show up at night. It might take a long time for your elderly family member to get to sleep or …Read More

  6. Home Care in Media PA: Alzheimer's Wandering Care

    Home Care Focus: Wandering Care

      There are more than 5 million people in the United States who are currently living with Alzheimer's disease. Of these, approximately 60 percent will develop wandering tendencies at some point in their progressive journey with the disease. This is three out of every five people with the disease. Wandering can be a very dangerous behavior and leave your parent at high risk. If your senior has…Read More

  7. Elder Care in Quakertown PA: Seniors Routines

    Why Are Routines Such a Big Deal for Aging Family Members?

    If you and your senior don't already have a series of routines in play for her, you might want to reconsider. Having some specific patterns that define your elderly family member's day makes a tremendous difference for both of you.   There's a Level of Security Involved For most of your elderly family member's life, there's been some sort of routine. It's likely revolved around work, school, …Read More

  8. Caregiver in Broomall PA: Daily Challenges

    Are Daily Activities Challenging Your Elderly Relative?

    As people age, they often face physical and mental challenges that require additional attention and care. They may reach the point where they struggle to complete the basics of a daily care routine, like bathing and cooking. If you suspect your elderly loved one needs assistance with their daily routine, you'll need to find out for sure what areas they need help. Then, you and other family members…Read More

  9. Home Health Care Broomall PA: Fall Accidents for Seniors

    10 Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents for Seniors

    Family members, friends, and senior care assistants can help the elderly person reduce their risk of slipping and falling. Here are 10 common causes of slip and fall accidents in the elderly and what can be done about them.   1. Wet Surfaces Most slip and fall accidents for elderly adults happen in the bathroom and in the kitchen because they usually have hard surfaces that often get wet. Sli…Read More

  10. Senior Care Glenolden PA: Mental Health for Caregivers

    What Does it Mean to Experience Caregiver Stress?

    You may have heard the term caregiver stress, but until you're experiencing it yourself, you may not realize how complex it can be. In fact, sometimes you don't realize how bad the situation truly is until you're up to your neck in stressful situations.   You're More Worried about Your Aging Adult than Yourself Part of being a good caregiver is that you're concerned about your elderly family …Read More