1. Caregiver in Broomall PA: Daily Challenges

    Are Daily Activities Challenging Your Elderly Relative?

    As people age, they often face physical and mental challenges that require additional attention and care. They may reach the point where they struggle to complete the basics of a daily care routine, like bathing and cooking. If you suspect your elderly loved one needs assistance with their daily routine, you'll need to find out for sure what areas they need help. Then, you and other family members…Read More

  2. Home Health Care Broomall PA: Fall Accidents for Seniors

    10 Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents for Seniors

    Family members, friends, and senior care assistants can help the elderly person reduce their risk of slipping and falling. Here are 10 common causes of slip and fall accidents in the elderly and what can be done about them.   1. Wet Surfaces Most slip and fall accidents for elderly adults happen in the bathroom and in the kitchen because they usually have hard surfaces that often get wet. Sli…Read More

  3. Senior Care Glenolden PA: Mental Health for Caregivers

    What Does it Mean to Experience Caregiver Stress?

    You may have heard the term caregiver stress, but until you're experiencing it yourself, you may not realize how complex it can be. In fact, sometimes you don't realize how bad the situation truly is until you're up to your neck in stressful situations.   You're More Worried about Your Aging Adult than Yourself Part of being a good caregiver is that you're concerned about your elderly family …Read More

  4. Home Care Philadelphia PA

    Is Your Senior Parent’s Dishwasher Teeming with Bacteria? Study Reveals It Might Be

    Microbes, those germy things that can make us sick, like fungi, bacteria, and viruses, are all over. You even have them in your body. So, would it surprise you to know that they’re even in the appliances you rely on to clean your dishes? Well, a new study has revealed that dishwashers can be crawling with germs.   Your Parent’s Dishwasher – Clean or Dirty? For older adults who may not b…Read More

  5. Elder Care in Broomall PA

    What Can Home Care Do for Seniors with Diabetes?

    Has an aging relative recently been diagnosed with diabetes? If so, you may be wondering how they will manage the condition on their own. After all, having diabetes can mean making changes to the way they eat, how they live, and needing medications. Some of these things can be really difficult for a senior citizen. It may even mean that living on their own is no longer safe. However, with the help…Read More

  6. Caregiver Glenolden PA: Safe Gaurd Your Home

    Can You Create a Fall Proof Home for Your Senior?

    Caregivers want their care recipients to be safe and happy, which usually means avoiding potentially dangerous situations such as falling. But can you really make your senior's home fall-proof? Check All the Floors Floors are a huge problem when it comes to keeping your senior from falling. You have to be on guard against spills as well as damage to the floor or the carpet. Waxing hard floors make…Read More

  7. Family Caregivers in Glenolden PA

    How Can You Make Tough Conversations Easier as a Caregiver?

    Tough conversations are something that you are definitely going to face as a family caregiver. Following some simple guidelines can help you to make the talk productive, though. The more productive the conversation is, the better for both you and your senior. Wisely Choose a Time to Talk Timing is everything, especially when it comes to tackling tough conversations. You both need to be able to foc…Read More

  8. Medication Management Tips For Our Elderly Patients Part 2

    For senior citizens, the task of regulating and properly taking medications on time and in the proper dosage can be a challenge. As we age, our mental and physical faculties begin to wane, necessitating the need for proper prescription care. Suma Home Care is here to provide quality home health care to Delaware County and beyond. Our home health agency is here to provide skilled nursing and care s…Read More

  9. Medication Management Tips For Our Elderly Patients Part 1

    It’s necessary to take proper precautions when you are dealing with prescribed medications, as. Failure to do so can prove to be very dangerous! As time goes on, our large population of Baby Boomers continues to age, generally requiring more medications in the process. It’s important to keep yourself organized and well-informed during this daily task. Suma Home Care is your source for the top-…Read More

  10. Simple Tips To Aid Elderly Citizens With Fall Prevention Part 3

    As we grow older, our bodies go through many changes. From impaired vision to compromised balance, many senior citizens find themselves at risk for falls and subsequent injuries. Aging raises the chances of serious injury resulting from falls, creating a major concern for all parties involved. Suma Home Care is your source for top-quality home health care in Philadelphia County and beyond, offerin…Read More