Elder Care in Broomall PA

Has an aging relative recently been diagnosed with diabetes? If so, you may be wondering how they will manage the condition on their own. After all, having diabetes can mean making changes to the way they eat, how they live, and needing medications. Some of these things can be really difficult for a senior citizen. It may even mean that living on their own is no longer safe. However, with the help of a home care provider, it may be possible for the older adult to continue living in their home while also managing a serious condition. Here are just some of the ways that home care can help.

Elder Care in Broomall PA
Elder Care Broomall PA: Seniors with Diabetes

Reminders to Check Blood Sugar

Checking blood sugar level is an important part of managing diabetes. However, an older adult may forget to do so, especially if they have cognitive issues. A home care provider can remind the person to check their blood sugar and make adjustments to their medications, if necessary. A home care provider can also help log blood sugar levels to help you and the senior’s medical providers look for patterns that can lead to changes in treatment.

Assistance with Physical Activity

Exercise can help keep blood sugar levels under control. The doctor will likely recommend that your senior relative engages in regular exercise. If the person has some difficulty with exercise because of mobility problems or because they feel unsafe exercising, a home care provider can help. Home care providers can take seniors for walks or drive them to exercise classes. Or, they can simply supervise the person while they exercise at home, helping them to feel safer.

Cooking Healthy Meals

The older adult’s health care team will probably recommend a meal plan to help keep diabetes symptoms under control. A home care provider can help the diabetic to make healthy, balanced meals and snacks that adhere to the plan. If the senior needs help with grocery shopping, a home care provider can take them shopping, carry the grocery bags, and assist with putting the groceries away.

Follow-Up Appointments

Having diabetes may require more frequent visits to the doctor. A home care provider can help the senior to schedule appointments, and keep track of them. They can also drive seniors to their appointments and help by taking notes during the appointment to keep you informed when you can’t be there.

There are many other ways a home care provider can help a senior with diabetes. They can also help with household tasks, including cleaning, laundry, and even helping to care for the senior’s pet. A home care provider can also give you peace of mind knowing that your aging relative has helped in managing their condition.

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