Because osteoporosis is a degenerative disease, the key to fighting it is catching the signs of bone density loss early. If you or a loved one already has osteoporosis and you are worried about the risk of staying at home, then contact Suma Home Care today! Our home health care is designed to enable aging adults to stay in their homes safely. If you are worried that you might be developing osteoporosis, learn the warning signs today and consult your doctor right away.

Warning Signs Of Osteoporosis

Understanding your body is the key to preventing many kinds of disease, including osteoporosis. The difficulty with a disease of the bones is that often you don’t see the signs until it’s too late and you’ve broken a bone. However, the mineral deficiencies in your body which are at the heart of the problem will usually cause other problems in seemingly unrelated areas.

Gums Receding

When your body is losing bone mass, your jaw bone is also affected. Because your gums are attached to your jaw bone, the result of this loss could be receding gums. When you go to your dentist for your bi-annual checkups, make sure you ask your dentist if he notices anything unusual.

Losing Grip Strength

One of the more recent studies on osteoporosis indicated that one of the most telling factors of a loss in bone density was a loss in grip strength. This also means that improving your grip strength and overall health can lend significantly to preventing osteoporosis.

Weak Fingernails

Both fingernail and hair health are great indicators of health in general. In particular, when fingernails are brittle, unhealthy, weak, or not growing, it is almost always do to a mineral deficiency, which is a sign of weakening bones.

Contact us today if you or a loved one has osteoporosis and wants to stay at home, and see your doctor today if you are worried that you are developing the early warning signs of bone density loss.