When it comes to finding advanced home care, Suma Health Care can help! Our staff specializes in nursing and home care services in order to assist patients with retaining their independence while promoting optimal health. Suma provides skilled nursing to Delaware County residents and beyond. From fall prevention practices to diabetes management services, our top-notch nurses are trained to provide the most in comfort and detailed care. One service that Suma provides to Pennsylvania residents is cardiac management. Your heart’s health is a top priority in any care plan and should receive close observation, especially after an operation or diagnosis. According to the CDC, one out of every four people that die in our country annually are killed by heart disease! We strive to provide patients with the most comprehensive heart care possible.



A popular phrase is that one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Today, we’ll look at a few tips that one can utilize to promote improved heart health. While Suma Home Care is ready to provide optimally skilled nursing services, we’d rather you not need them in the first place!


Focus on Blood Pressure


Your arteries work hard to keep everything moving optimally. When the pressure surrounding your blood becomes elevated, the increase can eventually lead to damages in the arterial walls. The lack of efficiency also equates to your heart needing to work harder to get the blood moving. Over time, the damage can worsen and scar until blood flow is restricted. If your blood pressure goes on uncontrolled for too long you can suffer a stroke, heart attack, heart failure, an aneurysm, and so on. People who do not suffer these extreme consequences can still ail from memory loss and vision problems. Without keeping your blood pressure under control, achieving a healthy lifestyle is impossible!


Beyond medication, citizens can also change their dietary habits to help naturally deflate the pressure surrounding your arteries. Consult with your dietician to determine the best route to take for this endeavor.


Eating Right


Diet always seems to be the catalyst for improving human health, and in this case, the rule still holds true. Consuming whole grains, vegetables, and fruits can take the place of high-cholesterol snacks. Saturated fats should be replaced by healthy alternatives in order to bring your blood pressure down. Processed foods are dually dangerous in that they supply people with lots of trans fats while also providing empty calories for fat storage. These artificial trans fats are created through hydrogenation and work to raise your LDL, or bad cholesterol. If someone’s body holds high LDL levels and low HDL (good cholesterol) levels, they are at a much higher risk for acquiring heart disease. Changing your diet, especially in combination with exercise, can help to fight the risk of heart complications.



Increased Exercise


If approved by your doctor, exercise can also help in promoting cardiovascular health. Being active and moving around has been proven to aid in the fight against a number heart diseases. Doctors tend to recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day to keep circulation flowing. Getting out and moving around can bring benefits in the metabolism department as well. If you are up and about, your body will be told to activate your metabolism in order to gain more energy. Achieving your fitness goals can lead to weight loss, a powerful ally in the fight for a healthy heart.


Being sedentary does not equate to optimal heart health. One major health issue in our country that has gained more attention is the amount of time we spend in a seated, stationary posture. Getting up periodically and moving around is a very beneficial maneuver. Be sure to get up and move if you are seated for more than 30 minutes. Studies show that even the more athletic citizens are at risk of health problems if they sit for extended periods of time. Simply standing at your desk or taking a quick trip to the drinking fountain can do much to promote healthy practices.
Regardless of the condition and severity of your cardiac problem, proper procedures can be followed to help promote a healthier heart in a proven, natural way. Suma Health Care provides to skilled nursing to Delaware County residents as well as most of Pennsylvania. From cardiac assistance to wound care management, we can do it all! Next time, we’ll look at a few more tips to help direct you on the path toward healthiness. If you or a loved one are in need of advanced home care, contact us today to learn more!