readingWhen it comes to home health care, our team knows that your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical well-being. That’s why we offer non-skilled nursing care that can help you stay mentally active while you remain in the comfort of your own home. Mental activities can help keep the connections in your brain strong, helping ward off problems such as dementia and Alzheimers. The brain is like a muscle and the more that you exercise it, the strong it will be.

Great Activities to Stay Mentally Active

There are plenty of ways to stay active even when you may be confined to your home for most of the day!

  • Pick up an old hobby or find a new one. Maybe you used to love building models or you were a whiz with knitting needles. Or maybe you always wanted to do these things! Now is a great time to rediscover an old hobby or try a new one. Hobbies keep our brains engaged and active, not to mention the fact that they can help you meet new people and develop new skills.
  • Work on puzzles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a jigsaw, crossword, Sudoku, or word scramble! Puzzles that challenge our minds are the perfect way to stay mentally engaged. Many of these options are good for those with limited mobility, too.
  • Learn a new language. Learning new languages is a great workout for your brain, and it can even strengthen your native language skills at the same time. There are many free apps and online programs that can help you learn a new language from the comfort of your home.
  • Have deep conversations with friends and family. Simple conversations can go a long way to keeping your brain active and engaged. It can be easy to become isolated as a home health care patient. A conversation with your home health care worker can not only keep your mind active but help keep loneliness away. Strike up a conversation about your childhood, politics, or any other topics that interest you. Our team is always happy to chat!

Let Our Team Help Keep You Mentally Active

The Suma Home Care team is always happy to participate in these or any other activities! Our home health care services go beyond skilled nursing care and include support services as well. That means you can depend on our team for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee as well as meeting your physical needs. Click on the button below to contact our team and learn more about all of our skilled and non-skilled nursing services in Pennsylvania.

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