Many of our clients are entering the last days of their life, and during this time, many of them have a strong desire to embrace their spirituality. Suma Home Care, Inc. offers spiritual counseling that can help our clients put their spiritual affairs in order. This might include services such as:

  • Helping plan funeral and memorials
  • Counseling about spiritual issues
  • Bereavement support to family and friends
  • Join client in religious ceremonies, prayers, or rituals
  • Contact local clergy for involvement where necessary

Our Team Will Treat Your Beliefs With Respect

The Suma Home Care, Inc. team understands the important role spirituality plays in your life, and each member of our team will treat your beliefs with the utmost respect. We offer prayer services to those clients who wish to participate as well as our spiritual counseling services that can bring more peace and comfort to the final days of your life or the life of a loved one. Spiritual counseling can provide a sense of closure and peace at the end of a life or unblock a mental or emotional issue that may be preventing healing.

Contact Us Today to Make an Appointment

If you are interested in spiritual counseling for yourself or a loved one, contact Suma Home Care, Inc. today. We can pair our counseling services with our other home health care services, including skilled nursing care and companionship services. You can reach our team for more information by giving us a call or filling out the contact form on our website today.