Speech therapy is an important service offered by Suma Home Care, Inc. Our speech therapist offer services that can help patients regain the ability to express their thoughts, ideas, needs and wants, helping them regain control of their life and the world around them. Speech therapists can also help patients work on other important functions such as swallowing and the ability to eat certain foods. Speech therapy can help patients regain some independence in their lives!

The Benefits In-Home Speech and Language Therapy

While there are other speech and language therapy facilities in Philadelphia County, Suma Home Care, Inc. comes to the clients home. This can actually increase the success rates of the therapy, as the patient often feels more comfortable in their home environment and can focus more intensely on the tasks at hand. Our patient’s comfort is incredibly important to our team, so bringing this vital therapy service directly into the home is an exciting way for us to help our patients.

Call Suma Home Care for More Information

If you or a loved one are in need of speech therapy due to an illness, injury, accident or other medical issues, get in touch with Suma Home Care, Inc. We’ll connect you with a speech therapist in the Pennsylvania area who can work to help the client regain the ability to express themselves and make their needs and wants known. Eliminate the frustration that comes when you lose the ability to communicate and make an appointment with our team today.