As we grow older, our bodies go through many changes. From impaired vision to compromised balance, many senior citizens find themselves at risk for falls and subsequent injuries. Aging raises the chances of serious injury resulting from falls, creating a major concern for all parties involved. Suma Home Care is your source for top-quality home health care in Philadelphia County and beyond, offering medical and and nonmedical home care services to promote senior health and independence. Our trained team of care experts is here to provide personalized support services to Pennsylvania residents, delivering quality every day to make our patients smile. Today, we’ll continue to look at fall prevention tips that can help your elderly loved one optimize their safety in the home. If you or your loved one require quality medical or nonmedical home care assistance, be sure to reach out to Suma today.

Preventing Falls

Maximizing your chances of avoiding falls stems from risk mitigation and health optimization. When your loved one takes care of themselves and actively works to avoid sources that cause tripping, the chances of them sustaining an injury can drop off dramatically. Be sure to take on the following tasks to help in the endeavor:

  • Keeping a clean house. Similar to decluttering your home, it’s important to minimize the refuse in each room. A primary concern stems from slipping hazards, mainly spills or debris such as loose stationary. If liquid spills in the home, it is essential to clean it up immediately. When finished, products such as no-slip floor wax are available to keep the area tidy without creating new dangers for your elderly relative.

  • Illuminating the steps. A combination of impaired vision and loss of balance can create a major risk for senior citizens when it comes to the stairs in the home. Our first suggestion is to reside in a location that does not have many stairs, but beyond this, it’s wise to clearly mark and illuminate the steps in your home. Placing focal lighting at the top and bottom of steps can help to minimize the chances of missing that first stair. Placing covers on the edges of these locations can also help to designate to elderly residents that stairs are coming. Suma Home Care recommends luminescent tape as an easy but safe indicator.
  • Installing shower safety. The combination of water and a slippery surface makes the shower a key spot to focus on for preventing trips and slips. Fortunately, the bathroom has numerous devices available to help you. Grab bars are ideal for improving safety when showering or when entering and exiting the tub. Benches and chairs are also available for those who need a stable surface while bathing. Non-slip mats are also helpful in keeping seniors’ feet secured.

There are many options available to help elderly residents minimize their risks of falling. Next time, we’ll look at a few tasks that can help the resident themselves with improving health, stability, and balance. If you or a loved one are in need of a quality home health agency, Suma Home Care is here to help! For years, our team of nonmedical and skilled nurses has worked to create a comprehensive care plan for Pennsylvania patients to optimize their quality of life during this stage in life. If you are in need of Top Rated Local® home health care in Philadelphia County and beyond, be sure to contact us today to learn more about our program!