As we age, the chances of suffering a serious injury from falls steadily increases. The unfortunate truth is that falls are a major hazard for senior citizens. In fact, the National Council on Aging has released statistics showing that one in three elderly citizens in this country fall every year. What’s even more frightful is that falls are actually the top cause of injuries for people in the U.S. over 65 years of age, both fatal and nonfatal. Helping your loved one to stay safe in the comfort of their own home is one effort that we all strive for. As a top provider of home health care to Chester County and beyond, Suma Home Care is here to help elderly residents in Pennsylvania to thrive in their own place, ensuring the safety and happiness of your loved one throughout the process. Whether for a few days or for the long run, our home health agency is here to help. Today, we’ll begin to look at a few tips that you can utilize to help with minimizing fall risks in your loved one’s home. Suma Home Care specializes in fall prevention programs to help when you are ready!

Looking at the Causes

While falls are a dangerous aspect of a senior citizen’s life, we are fortunate in that many of the possible falls that can occur can also be prevented. Our home care services for fall management will revolve several origins, which consist of:

  • Vision. Compromised visual clarity can account for many of the falls that occur within this country. When your vision is impaired, you will be less able to spot obstacles and other tripping hazards before they become a problem. Our home health care team can also look at the lighting of the home to help illuminate any areas that pose a risk as well.
  • Home setting. Building off of our previous statement is the condition of a senior citizen’s surroundings. Many residents are faced with numerous trip and fall hazards, yet they have not come around to making small changes to vastly improve safety. Be sure to inspect the home for risky areas and objects that can prove to be dangerous for your loved one.
  • Canter and balance. Unfortunately, our bodies begin to lose their balance and rhythm as we age. The result is less flexibility and coordination, raising the risk of a fall occurring. This is often exacerbated by a lifestyle of inactivity, where joints and muscles are not as strong or efficient as they should be. Performing strength- and balance-building activities can help your loved one to work on their overall balance.
  • Medicine use. Another common issue stems from the side effects of medications, many of which can create a higher risk of falling. Dizziness, in particular, can come on suddenly and make a fall much more likely. Our home care experts can help with medication management for this issue.
  • Illnesses. A large number of senior citizens suffer from at least one chronic condition. The side effects and consequences of many of these illnesses can create a dangerous environment. Proper treatment and supervision can help to minimize this problematic part of aging.

Next time, we’ll look at more tips to aid in fall prevention. If your loved one is in need of home health care in Chester County, be sure to talk to Suma Home Care for help. Our experts are here to provide a customized home care plan. Contact us today to learn more!