If you or a loved one are seeking in-home health care and caretaker services, we can help! Suma Health Care, Inc. is your top provider for non-skilled nursing for Chester County residents. Non-skilled is our term for homecare services that are not medical in nature or do not require professional medical assistance. Our highly qualified home health aides are available to help senior residents maintain their independent lifestyles while causing as little intrusion as possible. Most often, in-home care services are the best choice for senior satisfaction. In many cases, it can also be more affordable! Suma strives to provide the highest quality nursing services possible to Pennsylvania residents, and our dedication to the individual helps us to succeed!

There is a plethora of benefits one can look at when using non-skilled nursing and home care services. Today, we’ll discuss a few main points to consider for you or your loved one.

Personalized Care

Our skilled team works with patients in a one-on-one environment, enabling the highest possible quality of home care. No matter your needs, we’re here to help! Each home health aide works to bring comfort and care to each patient, regardless of the tasks that need to be done. From housekeeping chores to transportation to the airport or church, Suma does it all! Every individual has their own unique hobbies and needs, and our staff is more than ready to assist in all matters.

Better Overall Health

As we age, our health becomes one of the biggest concerns for friends and family members. Suma Home Care provides trained caretakers that are able develop and enforce a health plan that focus on exercise when appropriate and taking medications on time. We offer assistance with everything involving your health, including meal planning and preparation. Between meal monitoring and medication schedueling, every health aspect of your loved one’s life will be expertly covered.

Senior Satisfaction

Multiple surveys and studies have been done to examine the efficacy of aging at home and the satisfaction derived from doing as such. In short, there is overwhelming evidence that senior citizens much prefer their home to an elderly institution, with the one drawback being health concerns. Suma works to provide the best of both worlds in order to maximize enjoyment your loved one receives out of life. Providing caring services while delivering happiness is what we aim for!

Peace of Mind

Utilizing a caring home health aide can bring a strong peace of mind for worried family members. With a multitude of tasks and responsibilities, many family members are unable to furnish in-home care for their loved one. Our skilled and non-skilled nursing staff, on the other hand, can provide a comprehensive range of services and duties in order to ensure a long, healthy life. Additionally, the independence factor gives your loved one happiness and comfort while trusted staff gives you peace of mind. Suma Home Care strives to take care of the daily living needs so that you can focus on quality time!

Suma Home Care is your source for the best in-home health care in Pennsylvania. We provide optimal non-skilled nursing services to Cheste, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia County residents. Our staff aims to provide personalized, comprehensive care that optimizes each patient’s independence and quality of life. Contact us now to learn more!