For senior citizens, the task of regulating and properly taking medications on time and in the proper dosage can be a challenge. As we age, our mental and physical faculties begin to wane, necessitating the need for proper prescription care. Suma Home Care is here to provide quality home health care to Delaware County and beyond. Our home health agency is here to provide skilled nursing and care services to Pennsylvania residents. Our nursing team specializes in helping post-surgical patients and senior citizens daily to help them recover optimally and retain their independent lifestyle. With a proven record of care and extensively trained staff, we’re confident that we can help you or your loved optimize their healthcare experience.

Medications are important, but they can also be very hazardous. Today, we’ll continue to look into medication management tips that may prove useful in keeping everyone safe.

Setting Reminders

Any citizen that is prescribed multiple medications understands the anxiety and stress associated with taking meds on time, every time. While some medications are meant to be taken in the morning with the activation of hormones and chemicals for the day, others are designed to be taken just before bed. When you cannot take all of your meds at one set time, be sure to set a reminder. Whether it’s a digital calendar note that beeps incessantly or a family member that calls, finding an alarm to take meds on time is essential. People who miss their medications can be at risk for major health risks, making this step very necessary.

Reminders should also be set to ensure that your meds are filled at the pharmacy and picked up in a timely manner. Our home care nurses can work with your pharmacy to make sure that everything is filled and delivered on time.

Keeping on Calendar

As we have stated before, organization can be the key to success when it comes to a successful prescription management program. One way to stay on top of your pills is to invest in a small plastic organizer that has a compartment for each day of the week. This handy little device will help deliver your exact meds for the day while also reminding you of the current day.

Maintain Frequent Doctor Contact

As humans, our health and medical needs are always fluctuating to an extent. Whether your symptoms have subsided and you want to stop a certain medication or new symptoms have surfaced that require more attention, your primary care physician will be able to help in updating your health plan for the best possible outcome. Any issues should be addressed quickly and effectively to minimize long-term complications.

When you or a loved one are in need of top-quality home care services, it can prove wholly beneficial to find a health team that cares. Suma Home Care is here to provide home health care to Delaware County and beyond, helping Pennsylvanians regain their health while retaining their independence. If you or a family member are in need of a home health agency that cares, be sure to contact the Suma team today to see how we can help.