Elderly Care in Ardmore PA: Senior Safety

One of the more frustrating causes of your senior falling at home could be the fact that she’s just not aware of an obstacle or a problem. Helping her to be more aware of what could trip her is a big way to help her avoid a potentially dangerous fall.

Improve the Lighting

Lighting is one of the easiest ways for you to help your loved one to literally see what’s going on around her better. Even if the lighting seems appropriate to you, your senior’s vision may require stronger lighting in order to help her to see properly. Consider adding additional lighting or even installing motion-sensitive nightlights anywhere possible.

Clear Pathways

Clutter, cords, and anything else that blocks a clear pathway for your elderly family member can create a huge hazard. Go through the home and take a look at anything and everything that could conceivably create a tripping hazard. Relocate or remove anything that could cause your senior to fall.

Keep an Eye on Pets

Pets are fabulous companions for an aging adult, but they can also create a tripping hazard if they get in your senior’s way. Some pets are easier to avoid than others, particularly larger animals such as dogs. For smaller animals, consider putting a bright collar on the pet or add a bell to the existing collar. These little changes can make the pet more visible or obvious to your aging adult.

Encourage Her to Use Assistive Devices

Many aging adults are reluctant to use assistive devices, especially at home. Canes or walkers might seem to her as if they’re something that gets in the way, even though they help her to be more stable. Encourage your elderly family member to use these devices regularly. If it’s still a problem for her, consider working with a physical therapist to learn different techniques that she might find helpful.

Hire Home Care Providers

It’s difficult to be away from your elderly family member if you’re concerned that she might fall or have other problems while you’re gone. Hiring home care providers allows you to relax knowing that there’s someone there who knows and understands what your senior needs in order to feel safe and yet autonomous.

Paying more attention to her surroundings can help your elderly family member to be more mindful of situations that could cause her to fall. Check in with her periodically about how safe she feels as she’s moving through the house so you can make changes as necessary.

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