Elder Care in Ardmore PA: Elder Care Services

Lots of aging adults aren’t excited about the idea of elderly care providers at first. This can happen for a lot of different reasons and you may need to take a different tack. Determining what your senior needs and wants from this type of care service can help you to give her the right answers.


Pick the Right Time to Talk

Timing can be everything when it comes to helping your aging adult to accept something new. She may not want to talk about this topic when she’s already agitated or otherwise upset. Pick a time when she’s calm and seems open to new ideas. You might want to broach the topic by talking about someone you both know who has benefited from this type of service.


Explain Elderly Care to Her

If your elderly family member isn’t familiar with what senior care can do for her, now is the time to let her know. It might help if you have some pamphlets or other reading material to share with her. Emphasize some of the situations with which you already offer her help. If there’s something she’s been struggling with, such as finding transportation, make sure you point that benefit out to her.


Ask Her What She Needs

You might know a lot about what your elderly family member needs, but that doesn’t mean that you need to go with assumptions right now. Try asking her outright what she hopes to gain from elder care providers. You might be surprised at her answers. She might enjoy the idea of having someone take over light housekeeping tasks for her or she might enjoy having someone with whom she can sit and chat. Until you ask, you don’t know for sure.


Make a Compromise

It’s possible that your elderly family member still isn’t excited about this idea and that’s okay. Work out a compromise that works for both of you. Perhaps you’ll hire elder care providers on a test basis and if your senior hates the situation, you try something else. Determine what she feels is a fair compromise and add your two cents’ worth to the equation. The idea is to at least help her to give the idea a fair chance.

Take the time to dig into what your elderly family member needs and wants from home care services. The more that you can work out before you try to introduce elderly care providers to your senior the easier the process will go.


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