As we age it becomes harder and harder to complete activities of daily living. This can be due to medical difficulties (asthma, arthritis, cardiac disease, etc.) or cognitive problems (memory loss, dementia, etc.). This is how homes become dirty, personal hygiene takes a nose dive, and clothes remain uncleaned. While our aging loved ones may be able to lead a home-based life, they may need more care than the occasion weekly drop-by. Suma Home Care offers fantastic home health care services that include non-skilled nursing aides that can help.

Cleaning can be difficult when movement is limited. Many aging seniors may have difficulties with breathing and a decrease in their health. When there is the inability to move around safely and efficiently, hiring a home health aide can change the cleanliness of a home. This means that mold and dust may begin to build up over time. For seniors that have allergies, asthma, or COPD, an unclean home may be an unsafe home. A home health care aid through Suma Home Care, Inc. can begin to take over the day to day tasks that have become too difficult for your aging loved ones and this includes cleaning. This means that they will receive companionship, and care while living in a clean and safe home.

Not all home health care companies and aides are created equal. Suma Home Care, Inc. hires aides that not only serve as a loved ones companion, they serve as their front line against illness and an unsafe home. From changing linens and taking out the garbage to assisting with medication and proper nutrition, the home care aides through Suma Home Care will ensure that your loved ones are well taken care of and happy. Call today to learn about all of our home care services!