There are tons and tons of decisions you’re going to make as a caregiver. At first, you might feel as if you’re not doing so well with that, but you’re going to gain experience faster than you think. If you practice making better decisions, you’ll get there before you know it.


Home Health Care in Bryn Mawr PA: Caregiver Decisions

Home Health Care in Bryn Mawr PA: Caregiver Decisions


Gather More and More Information

Information is the key to being able to make decisions quickly and without fear that you’re doing the wrong thing. As a caregiver, you might be shocked at just how much information you’re gathering all the time. That’s all going to help you because it builds up your background stockpile of knowledge. Every experience that you have teaches you something, whether you realize it or not.


Ask Questions of Your Senior’s Doctor

Your senior’s doctor can help you with gathering the information that is most specific to your senior’s situation. Start keeping lists of the questions you have about your senior’s health and her future needs. Don’t be afraid to ask those questions when you go with her to appointments.
Stop Second Guessing
Very often caregivers second guess themselves. They think about what they could have done or what they should have said. You’re never going to be able to predict every situation with 100 percent accuracy, so stop trying. Every situation is going to teach you something and it’s going to bring you new information. Let that help you to get past second-guessing yourself.


Get Advice from Other Caregivers

Joining a support group allows you to meet other caregivers and to talk with them about what you’re experiencing. When you’re not sure what to do in a given situation, you can bring it up with your support group and hear how they’ve handled that same situation in the past. Or you can have a conversation about how they would handle it if they were in your shoes. Their experience can help you now.


Acknowledge Your Wins

When you get it right, don’t ignore that fact. You’re going to get things right far more often than you get them wrong, so make sure you acknowledge that. Keep a journal where you list out your accomplishments and your wins. When you’re not feeling so great, read through that list and remember that you’re doing a great job.


Being a caregiver isn’t about getting everything right all the time. It’s about doing the best you can in the moment.


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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita

Owners at Suma Home Care
Ibrahim Suma-Keita Jr studied lived, studied and work in London, United Kingdom when he emigrated as a teenager from his country of birth Sierra Leone. Ibrahim had a illustrious career in Information Technology (IT). However, he emigrated to Philadelphia, where he settled and married to his wife who is a Registered Nurse, they have three children together.

Ibrahim recently completed a Professional Certificate in Management; He is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administrations (MBA) at a prestigious university in the UK.

With their passion for helping others and a strong background in customer services and clinical care, Ibrahim and his wife started assisting individuals in their homes.

Since started and operating Suma Home Care in 2010 in the basement of their home, Suma Home Care has provided professionals who work endlessly in providing clients with the highest quality of care, while enabling clients to maintain dignity, comfort and safety in their homes.

Suma Home Care, serves four counties in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia. Ibrahim is firmly connected to his local community and is always looking for ways to give back whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Ibrahim enjoys spending time with his wife and children, travelling and enjoys sports.

Mariama Suma-Keita BSN RN
Born in Sierra Leone west Africa, relocated to America in 1999 from a civil war and settled since in the U.S.A as a Naturalized citizen Graduated from National school of nursing with an associate , and completed BSN in Nursing from Immaculata University graduated with Honor roll Alpha Lambda sigma, After escaping the war served as a refugee nurse in Gambia and Guinea to other displaced refugees before coming to America.

In the states started in Homecare then then transition into hospital, worked in Jefferson hospital as a Registered nurse on Tele and general medsurg floor, also worked in Einstein hospital as an oncology transplant nurse , I realized that I enjoy working with patients so much and believe in quality and compassionate care one at a time dealing with an holistic approach in caring for patients and family in a familiar environment called home , I see the impact and progress when they’re home , it makes them feel relax and progress fast with recovering at home. As a nurse and entrepreneur I understand that dedication to meeting people and families needs is a priority, and able to foster relationships with family and patients that is professional and friendly to help them stay and settled home as a desire.

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