Home Health Care in Berwyn PA: Respite Care Tips

Many caregivers are not sure what respite care really means in their own situation. Perhaps they don’t need a lot of time away from caregiving or there are bigger issues. The thing is, respite can meet all sorts of needs for you if you let it.

Give You a Break

One of the most common reasons caregivers seek out respite care is that they need a break from being a caregiver for a bit. This is not a bad use of respite care in the slightest. Taking time away is vital in order for you to continue to be a caregiver because you can’t give that which you don’t have. Allow yourself to rest so that you can keep helping.

Allow You to Catch up on Sleep

Another common use of respite services is as a backup for those times when sleep has been difficult to come by. Some situations might have your elderly family member awake at all hours, leaving your own sleep interrupted. Having home care providers on the scene means that you can catch up on sleep and your senior is not left on her own.

Tackle Errands You Haven’t Gotten to Yet

Some forms of respite care might take that errand list and make short work of it for you. Smaller errands often aren’t convenient or they get shoved to the bottom of the list because they aren’t mission critical. But then they become mission critical because you never get to them. Friends, family, and even home care providers could tackle some of these errands for you.

Take Care of Household Tasks

Household tasks, much like errands, can pile up fast. When you’re focused on other aspects of your senior’s care, other people could be handling light housework for you and your senior. There’s nothing wrong with this and it can help you to keep your energy where it really needs to be spent.

Put a Hot Meal on the Table

If cooking is difficult for your aging family member, she may not be eating well. As busy as you are, you might not be able to pick up that slack for her. Taking advantage of respite care help in a variety of formats can help to ensure that your aging family member is eating well every single day.

Ultimately, respite means whatever helps you and your aging adult the most in your situation. If what you need is time away, then that’s the priority. If there are other priorities that are higher on your list, respite care can make that happen for you.

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