tThe aging process comes with a few ups and downs for senior citizens to contend with. Our certified home health aides specialize in skilled medical and non-skilled nursing for Philadelphia County residents, as well as citizens of Montgomery and Delaware Counties. Suma Home Care is here to help people of all ages retain their independence while going through a variety of medical issues, from wound care management to Diabetes care. Our in-home health care providers can also assist in daily activities, from doing the dishes to picking up prescriptions. Our dedication to our patients revolves around optimizing their health. In our last blog, we looked at a few fitness tips to help seniors get the exercise needed for promoting proper health. Today, we’ll continue this quest by describing a few more tips that can help you or your loved one get moving and reaping the benefits of exercise.

Hydration Happiness

Ingesting water to stay hydrated should be a top priority regardless of your activities. Your hydration sets the tone for all wellness and good health, and seniors in particular need to take heed. As we age, the water content in our bodies decreases, creating a higher risk of dehydration. Statistics show that one in ten hospitalizations in the United States are due to dehydration, and seniors citizens should focus on moisturizing the most. When you exercise, the amount of water needed to stay healthy will increase. Authorities range on the required daily water intake, from the standard eight eight-ounce glasses to 15 cups of H2O. As long as you pay attention to your body and apply water liberally, hydration should be taken care of.

Swimming for Stamina

While many senior citizens may be eager to hit the weights or the treadmill to get moving, it’s important to note that these activities can cause extra stress on your muscles, ligaments, and joints. Running, in particular, can be very hard on more weary knees. The act of swimming actually helps to engage a wide range of muscles while also promoting strong cardiovascular functions. This activity is very beneficial for seniors due to its low-intensity, high-reward benefits. Any establishment that offers a pool for swimming laps can help any elderly citizen to build strength and endurance.

Securing Sleep

Starting any fitness regime can be hard for health-seekers of all ages. Senior citizens who are hitting the gym will need to dedicate some of those fitness efforts into adequate rest to promote the best health possible. Working out causes muscle damage and soreness, compromises your immune system, and so on. Sleeping enough will give your tired body the tools needed to properly recover and get back to the gym. From promoting better memory formation to improved cellular repairs, sleep is one part of the workout that should not be left out!

Seniors who are active can experience many health benefits. Sharpening your fitness levels can improve nearly every physical faculty, as well as encourage better mental functions. As a provider of quality medical and non-skilled nursing in Philadelphia County, our home health aides are here to help! From ensuring proper medication dispersals to grocery shopping, Suma Home Care is here to help Pennsylvania residents properly recover while maintaining their independent lifestyles. If you or a loved one are in need of our care services, contact us today to learn more!