For many people, the process of aging comes with new aches and pains. Being able to climb the stairs used to be a breeze, but recently, it seems that the stairs may be getting the better of you. As a provider of medical and non-skilled nursing services for Montgomery County, Suma Home Care, Inc. understands the importance of keeping up with fitness as you age. Our home health aides provide a full range of services, from wound care management to watering houseplants. We do everything in our power to allow you or your loved one to continue living independently. Many times, our patients just need help around the house or require transportation to appointments and grocery stores. Part of our dedication to in-home health care excellence comes from improving the entire picture of health for our patients. Today, we’ll look at a few fitness tips that can keep seniors moving and enjoying their mobility. Be sure to consult with your physician before taking on a new exercise program.

Starting Slow

For many senior citizens, the process of being psychically active is not a daily process. If you are looking to start a fitness program, we recommend taking it slow. Jumping into any physical activity quickly can be hazardous, but for elderly citizens, the risks are even more serious. A good way to measure your current fitness is to take a half-hour walk. People who are not able to do this easily can start smaller, taking on ten-minute increments at multiple points throughout the day. Keep this activity going a few days a week until you are able to walk for 30 minutes without being too taxed physically. From here, you can now slowly add in new fun exercises to build a program that promotes long-term health and agility.

Encouraging Endurance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sets a guideline for seniors to maintain healthy habits while aging. They recommend 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week for citizens aged 65 or older.

For seniors, completing aerobic exercises can be very beneficial for improving endurance. These movement-based exercises work your heart and lungs, promoting better cardiovascular and respiratory health. Since you are just starting out in this new exercise program, it’s important to focus on low-impact exercises that do not put too much stress on the body. Walking, running, and cycling are optimal exercises that can be a great building block for endurance. What’s important here isn’t how hard the exercise is but how helpful it is for aerobic endurance.

Fostering Flexibility

As we age, our joints, bones, and muscles begin to face more issues. Promoting flexibility can help to loosen up your muscles and their connecting tissues. Studies have shown that improved flexibility also helps to prevent injuries. One good way of achieving this aspect of fitness with little risk is to look at yoga classes. Long periods of deep stretching can do much to improve flexibility, energy, and circulation. As long as you are not pushing it too hard, simple stretching can be very beneficial!

Suma Home Care is here to assist with a wide range of services to help senior citizens retain their independent lifestyles. Next time, we’ll look at a few more insights into elderly fitness and their benefits. We offer the best skilled and non-skilled nursing services in Montgomery County and beyond. Feel free to contact us today to make an appointment to get started!