Skilled nursing services in Glenolden are a fantastic way to help loved ones live independently, even if they suffer from chronic diseases or other health-related issues. Unfortunately, a small population of patients suffer from chronic, non-healing wounds that need specialized attention. Living alone is still possible, but a medical professional must be available to offer treatment, and any specialized care that is necessary. Thankfully, Suma Home Care offers skilled nursing services that encompass home-based wound care management programs.

Wound care is its own sub-specialty of medicine that can be incredibly difficult to master. Many geriatric and adult patients suffer from non-healing wounds that need specialized treatment, either at a facility, or within the comfort of their own homes. While certain wound care techniques can be practiced by a patient or a family member, skilled nurses are the ones that will take care of the more sensitive portions of a wound management program. Skilled nursing wound care services include; cultures, biopsies, debridement, negative pressure wound therapy, and more. All wound care programs are physician supervised, and the skilled nurse becomes the single point of contact for communication. Hiring skilled nursing services in Glenolden can help a family keep their loved ones living a healthy and happy life from the comfort of their own homes.

To learn more about skilled nursing services though Suma Home Care, please contact us today. You can even get a more in-depth look at our specialized Wound Care Disease Management Program to find out if we are the best option for you or your loved ones. We can care for burns, diabetic ulcers surgical wounds, deep tissue injuries, traumatic wounds, and much more.