Elderly individuals that utilize home care do so for a variety of different reasons. Many of these individuals suffer from illnesses or other medical issues. Some may even suffer from intense anxiety. Anxiety is a huge issue among patients in home health care in Philadelphia. It is important for home care staff members to deal with anxiety in the most caring and effective manner possible.

The elderly tend to show their anxiety much differently than younger individuals. Home health care patients may complain of extreme lethargy, sleep disturbances, stomach aches, headaches, and more. Typically the physical symptoms that present themselves are chalked up to  a larger, or already diagnosed, medical condition. This means that a large percentage of the elderly adult population does not receive the proper anxiety diagnosis. This missed diagnosis will mean that these individuals will not receive the proper treatment that they need to get their anxiety under control. More often than not, when an adult in home care is diagnosed with anxiety it is General Anxiety Disorder. This is also the disorder that accounts for the highest percentage of missed diagnoses.

Unfortunately, individuals that receive part time home care often have their anxiety disorders missed by professionals. These disorders can easily be coped with as long as a diagnosis and treatment plan have been developed by a medical professional. Anxiety is common, if you notice any signs of agitation or failing health, it is time to take a loved one to a medical professional. From initial diagnosis, our home health care services in Philadelphia can help your loved one live a full and healthy life from the comfort of their own home.