Taking care of elderly loved ones can be a difficult task, especially with all of the other responsibilities of life. There is no way to know what will happened to loved ones when you cannot be there to help them. When a loved one is in need of help around the house but is still able to live comfortably on their own, a non skilled nursing aide may be exactly what they need. Non skilled nursing aides provide care, companionship, and assistance to a loved one when you are not able to be there. When an individual outside of the family is spending a lot of time at a loved ones home it is a smart idea to go over the protocol for certain situations.

The activities of daily living may become difficult as a loved one ages. As their hearing and sight deteriorate, they are no longer as safe and secure in their homes as they use to be. This also goes for loved ones that are suffering from memory loss, or other cognitive impairments. Even a loved one that has a hard time getting around and suffers no other limitations may have a hard time in their own homes. What happens when the phone rings? Is this a situation in which a non skilled nursing aide can assist? Absolutely, you just have to let the caregiver know that you would like them to answer the phone! While the at home caregiver is on site, they can begin to take care of the activities that a loved one may be unable to attend to. This can include grocery shopping, laundry, taking messages, and answering the phone.

Suma Home Care, Inc. can help your loved ones live as independently as they once did. From the comfort of their own homes your loved ones can continue to live their lives even if they are not as spry as they once were. Our skilled and non skilled nursing services are perfect for loved ones that need just a little help during their days.