Caregiver Glenolden PA: Safe Gaurd Your Home

Caregivers want their care recipients to be safe and happy, which usually means avoiding potentially dangerous situations such as falling. But can you really make your senior’s home fall-proof?

Caregiver Glenolden PA: Safe Gaurd Your Home
Caregiver Glenolden PA: Safe Gaurd Your Home

Check All the Floors

Floors are a huge problem when it comes to keeping your senior from falling. You have to be on guard against spills as well as damage to the floor or the carpet. Waxing hard floors makes them more dangerous, even if that has protected the floor over the years. Make sure that flooring is safe and as non-slip as possible.

Remove as Much Clutter as Possible

You also need to remove as much clutter as you can. Even if clutter seems well contained, it can create a tripping hazard very easily. Clutter consists of just about anything that doesn’t have a “home” of its own in your senior’s home. You might want to consider working with a professional organizer to refine storage in her house.

Install Grab Bars Wherever Possible

Bathrooms, hallways, and stairways all can be an area in which your senior might lose her balance easily. Installing grab bars in these areas gives her something to reach out and grab if she’s feeling wobbly or unsteady. Many home improvement stores have kits that include anchors and full instructions for installing included.

Check the Lighting at Different Times of Day

If your senior can’t see well in her home, it’s going to be really difficult for her to avoid obstacles that could cause a fall. Lighting in her home can be dramatically different at different times of day and evening, so it’s important that you take a thorough look around. Nightlights can help quite a bit, especially if they’re left on. Consider using motion detectors as well since they reduce the risk of your elderly family member having to cross a room in the dark just to turn on a light.

Hire Senior Care Providers

It’s not always easy to spot the early signs that could let you know your elderly family member might be at risk for a fall. No matter how much you study the signs, you can easily miss something. If you hire senior care providers, you’re bringing in someone who has experience with spotting exactly these sorts of issues.

Keeping your elderly family member from falling is not an exact science, unfortunately. But the more proactive you are the safer she is likely to be while she’s at home.

Excerpt: You may not be able to completely prevent a fall for your aging adult, but you can definitely do quite a bit to help make a fall far less likely than it might have been.

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