Caregiver in Broomall PA: Daily Challenges

As people age, they often face physical and mental challenges that require additional attention and care.

They may reach the point where they struggle to complete the basics of a daily care routine, like bathing and cooking. If you suspect your elderly loved one needs assistance with their daily routine, you’ll need to find out for sure what areas they need help. Then, you and other family members can step in and assist. You’ll also be able to look into home care assistance services to fill in as well.


Just remember that the results of aging can be frustrating and sometimes even be embarrassing for elderly relatives. They may not want help because they are proud or stubborn. Some seniors also try to downplay or hide the fact that they are struggling because they are afraid to give up their independence. However, it can be dangerous to their health and well-being to continue without the assistance of someone else.

Here are a few areas where family caregivers can observe their elderly loved ones to assess whether it is time for home care assistance in some form.



Weakening muscles, arthritis, balance issues and loss of muscle mass all contribute to mobility issues in seniors. Sometimes illness also requires them to use a cane, walker or wheelchair. Regardless of the cause, decreased mobility makes it almost impossible to get around the house completely hassle-free. Home care aides can help seniors get around safely and be there for any problems.


Personal Hygiene and Grooming

It can be increasingly hard for elderly adults to shower, bathe and toilet themselves. There is also the risk of a slip and fall accident, which most often occurs in the bathroom of the home. Trained and certified home care assistants can help seniors stay clean and safe with all their personal needs.



From laundry and cleaning to getting the mail and paying bills, keeping the house running smoothly gets more difficult with certain age-related issues. Many seniors are fine in some areas and struggle with others, while some elderly adults simply cannot complete the daily tasks well or at all. When a home care assistant can take care of basic housekeeping tasks, the elderly person can benefit physically and mentally.


Food and Medicine

It’s common for elderly adults to get confused about medicine or even to lose track of when and how they should be taken. A home care aide can help an elderly person stay on schedule and document everything. Home care aides can also shop for food and prepare nutritious meals that keep seniors healthy and satisfied.



When seniors can no longer drive, they risk isolation and a lower standard of living. Home care aides can drive senior to events, appointments and social activities, as well as shopping and other errands. It also helps elderly adults feel connected to the community when they are not homebound.

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