When it comes to maintaining good health as a senior, a lot of factors come into play. If you happen to be diabetic, these factors triple in complexity. Because of this, diabetes management has become a major focus for home health care providers. As a supplier of advanced home care, Suma Home Care provides skilled nursing services to Delaware county and the surrounding areas. Our focus on the individual and their unique needs helps us to thrive as one of the most trusted home care organizations in Pennsylvania.

blog_photo3Last time, we dove into our comprehensive collection of services for diabetic patients. While we do not provide every service needed for complete diabetic management, we do manage the planning and resources in order to provide anything not covered by our experts. When you maintain proper blood sugar control, the benefits can be immediate. Diabetics who are afflicted with long term poor blood sugar levels can suffer from:

  • Nerve damage. High blood sugar levels can damage a number of parts of the body, and nerves are often at the forefront. This damage can occur almost anywhere, including the hands, feet, sensory faculties and digestion. Diabetic neuropathy is a major point of interest for doctors due to its mysterious nature.
  • Eye damage. Poor sugar management can put an increased strain on the capillaries in the eye. Over time, your blood vessels will begin to leak small amounts of fluid and blood into the eye, causing more long term issues. Diabetic retinopathy is a serious medical condition that requires constant supervision in order to prevent permanent damages. Eventually, diabetics with uncontrolled blood sugar levels can become blind.
  • Kidney issues. The human kidney is made up of millions of blood vessels that all work in concert to process waste. However, high blood sugar levels can cause the kidneys to filter an excessive amount of blood, leading to more strain. Over time, this increased strain can lead to kidney disease.
  • Heart stress. When high levels of sugar in the blood cause damage to the larger blood vessels, complications in circulation can occur. WIth an increased buildup of plaque, diabetics are more at-risk for arterial disease, stroke, and heart attacks. Proper management is essential in order to keep your heart health at an acceptable level.
  • Ketoacidosis. This condition is a serious illness that occurs when the body is not able to utilize enough insulin to utilize glucose for energy. When the body is unable to derive energy from sugar, it starts to eat fat and muscle. Once the fat and muscles are broken down, ketones are produced and then enter the bloodstream. This is a very extreme condition that must be treated immediately and comprehensively to prevent complications and death.

With all of these risks and complications, it’s easy to see why proper diabetes management is essential for long term health and happiness for diabetics. Suma Home Care is here to offer skilled nursing for Delaware County, which includes cardiac management as well as diabetic health services. If you or a loved one are in need of advanced home care in order to retain independence, don’t hesitate to contact us today!